I have to confess…

I hate doing digital graphics work.
I do.
I really do.

The funny thing is that I need a lot of my designs to be digital in order to use them easily. Like, if I am designing a new shirt [screen] print, the “easiest” way is drawing the design digitally (photoshop, illustrator, sketchbook pro), then divide the colors by layer, turn them all black, and then print transparencies of each. Simple. Except for the drawing digitally part. Hate it. Absolutely hate it. I have been trying for years to make myself ok with graphic design, I even went to school for it back in the day. I hate it, though. I so hate it.

I don’t know why it’s stuck in my head that I need to produce my stuff completely by digital means. I guess because that’s kind of the “standard” nowadays. I am finding, though, that my preferred method is pencil, then going over it in pen, scan/photograph it, use illustrator for live trace, then clean it up in photoshop. Sometimes I use sketchbook pro because I have the app on my phone, and my galaxy note has a built-in stylus. Otherwise, I just don’t feel like I have the control necessary to produce good digital rough drafts from nothing, from thin air. I seriously have just spent 3 weeks dicking around with a leaf design that I’m about to start completely over on paper with a pen tonight…because I can’t get the digital crap to act the way I want! The feather pattern in the featured photo…worked on that sucker for a week, when ultimately it took me only 30 mins with paper and pen. So I’m going to stop doing in. I’m making things harder for myself by trying to do everything that way. I think I just wasn’t meant for it, the digital crap, that is. I can say with confidence that I am a master at photoshop, BUT I never learned illustrator in nearly as much detail. I never really got the hang of it. At this point, I really only use illustrator to convert raster images to vector (live trace), and convert pen drawings to vector (again, live trace), and then I ultimately copy and paste the vector images into photoshop where I change the colors, layers, etc. This is the easiest, fastest way for me even though I’m sure it sounds like the long way around a simple task. I realize now, though, that I need to just do things the way that they are easiest for me. I work for myself, so, realistically, what difference does it make how I made the image? The end result is still the same.

I give up on digital rough draft production.


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