The EVERYTHING Multi-Notebook

It’s not just a notebook! It’s everything you need.

I’m a sucker for cute/nicely designed daily planner books, journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, and the like. I buy a lot of them, even when I don’t need them. I’m a designer, I run a business, and I’m compulsive list maker. I have a really awesome smart phone that has a ton of great functions, but when it comes to my lists and sketching, I just prefer pencil/pen and paper.

I like the idea of the Smash Book scrapbooks, (I have like 5), but found them to be too ‘themed’ to be very functional for many uses other than scrapbooking.  So I have designed the “everything book,” at least that’s what I’m calling it for now. I find it harder to name a product, than the design and produce it. Seriously, I could not come up with a catchier name after a week of thinking about it. I digress…
This super awesome notebook can be your journal, memo book, calendar, daily planner, organizer, sketchbook, or scrapbook. This design features a hard cover, bound with book rings so that you can expand, add, subtract pages, and change the nature of the book entirely to suit your needs. This is a sampler starter book that has a little bit of everything! You can take out whole sections if they aren’t useful to you, and add more pages to the ones that are. And the great thing is, unlike other planners, this one doesn’t expire in a year since the calendar (and all pages) can be easily removed and replaced. You can get smaller and larger book rings to suit your book’s changing thickness as well. The size shown is 9 x 6, but these are also available in 7.5 x .75 and 8 x 10.

  • Hard front & back cover: These are exchangeable! If your design mood is fickle, this is great for you. You can change the cover any time if you get tired of the same one.
  • Tab dividers for organization
  • Pockets for storage
  • Plastic pockets (like page protectors)
  • Calendar pages: 1 month per page, printed on one side only.
  • Weekly planner pages: Each spread has lined sections for Mon-Sun tasks/lists.
  • Lined note pages
  • Blank pages for sketching, etc.
  • Graph paper pages: I like these because you can flip the book and write in either landscape or portrait, and you still have guide lines either way.

As for refills, I will be adding more books, covers, and refills soon. Refills will be available as both a physical item, as well as digital download. Of course, with the download, you’ll have to cut them to size yourself…but that allows you instant access, and you only pay once to print forever.

I’m going to do another post later in the week showing a book in use. Stay tuned.


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