Well, wow. It’s been two months since I posted here. I’ve had so much stuff going on, there’s been a lot of life happening. I’ve been busy with Droplet Weddings, and I started a new part time job a few weeks ago doing inventory [mostly] at night.  I originally started this blog as a way to share my art and crafts (which I don’t do enough of), so now I’m thinking I’m going to journal (aka rant about life) here too.  :)  I’m still in the new first stages of trying to organize my time between my part time job, my wedding job, and creating new art. It’s been weird. Why aren’t there more hours in the day?

I love my wedding job, a business I started from nothing. It’s just hard to really grow it into what I want with the limited funds I have, since I started the whole thing with $100 vs getting a loan of any sort. It’s safer this way though, there’s no loan to get in trouble for if things were to not work out. The part time job I got has been sort of helpful too. I’m hoping to really be able to better my situation soon.


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