Winter Wonderland

I may have just come inside from “skating” around my back deck. I admit nothing.

I woke up at 7:00 this morning in anticipation of possibly still going to work today. I looked outside, it looked icy, but I thought maybe I could drive. I decided to go outside to check things out and get something out of my car while I’m at it. I “skated” down my driveway to the car in my robe and flip flops, totally looking like a crazy person. Once I slid up to the car, I realized the whole thing was encased in ice and I couldn’t even pull the door handles. I couldn’t go to work even if I wanted too, lol! I was really disturbed that by 8am my job had still not called to cancel, considering today we have to drive to a job that is 40-ish miles away for many of us. So I called in and told them it’s way too icy, at least where I live, and I probably wouldn’t even make it out of the driveway, let alone down the road. The craziest part is that they still were like, “Well, it’s supposed to get a little bit sunny later on, so maybe people can come around noon when things thaw.” I said, “Ha, you got jokes!” Seriously? Even if things did thaw some, the high is only going to be like 35, then quickly dip back below freezing. I’d be working maybe 1-2hr before I would have to head home because all the thawed ice would freeze back over. It’s supposed to snow some tomorrow too, and I’m scheduled to work at the same place at an even earlier time. So yeah, we’ll see about all that. I guess today I get to stay home and do crafts! I just got some new papers for book making, so I’m thinking between that and playing with my son, it’s gonna be a good day! :)


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