I quit.

I have not been regularly posting here like I wanted to. It’s been crazy! My inventory job hours started getting really nuts. I was trying to keep the job until the end of summer, but between the 5-6am start times and the jobs being in other towns 1-3hrs away, plus being scheduled 8 days straight with only one day off then another 6 days, not being able to consistently go to bed early enough to get enough sleep each night, I had to stop. The last day I worked, I was so sleepy that I was actually falling asleep while working and fell off a ladder. That was the moment that I decided it would be my last day. I met a really [the only] cool girl at work on my second to last day; it was her first day. She quit on her first day. That’s how bad that job was, lol. Fortunately for me, I got hired in a medical office full time from 9am-4pm weekdays . (Yay! Relevant work experience! No more 12 hr days! Weekends off! 15min commute!) I start my new job next Monday, and I’ll be getting paid much more for much less work, lol. I’m excited.

So remember those new books I was working on? Yeah, the day I posted that was the last time I had any time to do anything with them. I’m telling you, that job took away my entire life, and part of my soul. I literally did nothing but work then come home and sleep, or, I should say, pass out from exhaustion. I’m hoping now that I’ll have regular hours, it’ll be easier for me to keep up with my creative stuff. I still have my wedding business that I manage on the side and we sure could use some new designs, now that I have time to come up with some things.

I seriously cannot express the immense relief I am feeling since I quit that job. I feel like a person again, rather than an angry zombie. Life is good.


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