Under sea sketch

An incomplete pencil sketch for what I think will be a painting. I’m not quite sure which direction I’m going to go in as far as further rendering. I’m deciding between acrylic and digital. I guess there’s no reason I can’t do both.


How to Make a Custom Phone Case : EASY TUTORIAL

Finally made a new video…for the first time in a year. Yes, this one has voice. Sorry.
This footage was actually an audio and video test for new camera and mic, but hey, why waste footage. So I made this quick, easy tutorial on how to make your own customized phone case for, like, no money. Enjoy.

DIY Chiffon Flower Hairbows


  • chiffon fabric $5/yd (I used synthetic.), better yet, use scraps for free!
  • hair pin blanks (available at craft stores in the jewelry section) $2/pack of 2
  • needle & matching thread
  • crystal seed beads & matching sequins (I used clear/crystal beads with silver sequins)
  • tulle (that matches your fabric)
  • glue (E6000 is the best for this purpose. Use with caution. Please, do not hot glue these.)
  • embroidery hoop (sort of optional)

Finished product can be purchased here.

Ok, it may seem like a lot of materials, but you don’t need very much of each thing, and the project itself isn’t difficult.  :)

How to Do DIY ‘Sharpie’ Art Coffee Mugs…THE RIGHT WAY!

Ok, I just have to rant for a moment here.  I am SO tired of seeing these pins on pinterest and blog posts about using a sharpie to draw designs on a cup. Supposedly, you just get a sharpie, draw, then bake the cup in the oven. I am here to tell you IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. I don’t understand why people keep perpetuating this notion, but sharpies are not permanent on dishes. What’s worse is that there is a way to do this project that actually IS permanent, but no one ever talks about it! And it just kills me that people keep posting these cups saying “Oh, it’s so easy!” Doing it the right way is just as easy! So today, I’m showing you how to make a sharpie art cup the right way.


  • coffee mug  $1-3
  • glass paint marker $3
  • gloves $0-4


  • rubbing alcohol (to fix mistakes)
  • cotton swabs (to fix mistakes)